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  1. Kayla Marie Underwood May 25, 2017 at 9:57 am Reply

    I would like to get my story out to the public about my custody case as it is a civil rights issue.

    I’m a 25 year old mother to two daughters. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is a month old. My fiance and I have been dealing with malicious ex spouses from our past marriages who are working together in a combined effort to take our oldest kids from us. They have harrased us, and slandered us as well as effecting our children, to the point of me loosing custody of my oldest daughter due to false allegations and lies to get back at us because the exs don’t want us together. We went to court to prove that the allegations were all false as well as taking multiple drug tests to prove that we are clean, along with proving that my fiance and I are good parents and clean people. I showed the court that I had stable housing for my oldest daughter, that she was in school, well taken care of ect and due to more lies being told on my fiance and I by both our exs, I lost custody again of my oldest to my ex husband based on he said she said stuff and not hard core evidence. The biggest issue though out of all this that I want to reach out to other engaged couples or just couples living together in a home with other children from past relationships or marriages, is that the court system had also told us that because we were not married just engaged and living together with my oldest daughter in our home, that my oldest child could not live with us ( LIVING TOGETHER OUT OF WEDLOCK) even after all the false alligations towards us were proven to be lies and we checked out clean. It is NOT a crime or a law to live together unmarried. This is a major civil rights issue and the judge has no grounds to force her opinion on others as far as being married and living together goes and can not order children not to live in the same home with the parents paramour. Times Daily has also took interest into this story along with others, because the public needs to be aware of how this court system is doing people. Everyone has rights as to how they live their lives.

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